How to write a good PPC ad Part – I

If you are working in the digital marketing space or is intending to join soon, writing PPC ads is something going to be a regular part of your job. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an internet advertising model and is indeed one of the most beneficial one for a business. In this kind of advertising, the publisher i.e. an website owner publish the ad in their page and gets paid by the advertiser when  it get clicked redirecting the user directly to the advertiser’s website.

You must have been thinking that what’s so special about writing an ad. Well, if you are new to this world, this question is quite meaningful and if you are already one in the journey, you already know what is the main challenge in writing a PPC ad. Yes, it’s the constraint of word limits.


PPC ad allows only 25 characters for the title, and 35+35=70 for the description. That is 35 characters for the first line description and another 35 for second line. Expressing you USP and therefore your product efficiently in such a small space often becomes to strangulating. However, we can’t help it and have to find a way out.

I personally have collated and formulated certain tips that are helping me out in my endeavour and are performing quite well. So, I thought of sharing the same if it can be of any help to the fellow writers and the budding ones. Check out my tips here and also do not forget to share yours in the comments below:

1. Know your product well- This point is something very common and all know this. But still I am writing it because my write-up is also for the budding  writers who are still new and are yet not familiar with this roller-coaster ride of being a commercial writer. Many a time, the demand of producing copies are too high and we end up not researching a product thoroughly before writing and advertising it. It may lead to wrong info and also may create problem with the word limit as there is a tendency (at least with me) to talk a lot to establish a thing that I myself is not so familiar with. If I know the product to the core, many a descriptions can be easily amalgamated to one and the characters can be brought down. So know your product well. Make a quick yet thorough research atleast for the matter you are gonna advertise. Say you are writing an ad for a garment company who wants to create a ppc for selling palazzos. Atleast know what’s a palazzo, what is its cost or the cost range, what’s so unique about the palazzos from this company or if the company is providing some special discounts or rebates for it or what is that one (or two) particular thing that they want to tell or sale via this PPC. For more than two points, I advice to create two or more separate PPCs.

2. Be direct and exact- Now that you have already known your product, its time to zot down. Be straight and direct (in any way you will not find much space to be creative). Tell what you want to sell directly in our title. It is also a better idea to tell the discount fugures or costs right in the title. That naturally generates more clicks. Say “Palazzos, 20% off-Buy now” is a better choice than “Stylish palazzos-Buy now”.

There are some more tips that will be discussed in my next post. Have a great day and stay tuned!



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