How to write a good PPC ad Part-II

Hello! So taking forward from where I left. How to write a good PPC ad. Check out some more tips.


PPC advertising


3. Be exact- I mean to say that whatever you want to sell and for how much amount, try to be exact in giving the description. Saying the exact amount helps in earning trust of the customers. For example say you are selling surgical knife for 756/-, write “Surgical knife @ 756/-” instead of “Surgical knife @ 750/-”. The exact figure reflects genuinity.

4. Use special symbols and ASCII characters- That’s a great idea to stay within the character limit. Represent more and more possible words through symbols. There are numbers of available symbols in our keyboard itself. Also do an internet search, you will get a whole list of ASCII characters. Use them.

5. Use single strong words for description- Though in case of description there is a little more relaxation in limit yet merely 70 characters is not a huge space to play around. PPC ads are short for a purpose. It meant to give immediate info to the customers and draw them in, so try to be crisp in your description as well. Try expressing your product with strong, descriptive and suitable adjectives.

6. Have strong call-to-action button- Call-to-action buttons are necessary in a PPC ad. You are writing the ad to bring in more customers. So please tell them that. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Click Here’ are some commonly used CTA buttons. You can give your imagination a fly depending on the product you are selling. If not, stick to the traditional ones but try and use one in your ad.

So, these are the tips I had in my kitty. You too must have some. Do share in the comment box. Stay cool!



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