How to write a blog on a subject you are not interested

Well, truely I came across the idea of writing this blog, when actually I was sitting thinking what to write in the blog. Blogs today are no more just the expressions of personal feelings. It is now used widely for the commercial and marketing purpose. And therefore, bloggers are often required to write on a subject (read packaging materials, car spare parts, and the list can continue) on which s/he doesn’t have any personal interest. But then you can avoid it as it is your livelihood. Here are few tips which I follow to overcome this situation. Check them out.



1. Firstly, don’t panic reading the subject. Panic kills your enthusiasm by half. Just google it out. You are bound to get something.

2. Once you are aware somewhat about the subject, try finding what people are interested in knowing about it.

3. Research well, well and more well. Gather enough informations and plan out how to place them in an interesting format. Research and planning is very important if you are writing a commercial blog.

4. Choose a topic that is on the interesting side, it may not be much on an informative side. Once people start liking your post and draws interest in it, you can ask them to come in the next post for more technical details and post that really soon.

5. Choose a catchy title. It may not be very informative by exciting to read.

6. The simple rule, write in short, simple and crisp language.

7. Remember that blogs are not always read by the experts. Most of the time your aim is to create interest in the subject. Therefore try and avoid technical jargons.

8. Blogs are always a great read when conveyed in a personal tone. The personal tone is what that makes a blog different from the other form of commercial writings used. Therefore, feel free to use personal thoughts and reactions.

9. A good blog turns best when it is well-optimized. Also it increases its chance of getting noticed in search engine. Therefore take care to include proper keywords which you can finalize beforehand sitting with your SEO executive. And if you are an expert in the ad-words nothing like it.

10. Finally choose some apt Images. The images should accentuate your write-up and not overpower it.

And ta-da, your blog is ready. Happy blogging!



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