What is SEO and what are its various benefits?

SEO- this word has been creating a buzz since it came in the picture. Everyone wants their website to be optimized but exactly what is SEO and what are SEO benefits, most of us do not know. Well, to learn SEO fully, entire lifetime would be less, but yes, you could learn the basics of SEO. Let us start the learning session. (We will not make it boring!)

What is SEO?

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu- all are search engines wherein you type anything in the search box and it opens up a page that lists some websites corresponding to your search.

When you type “SEO training” in the Google Search box, see what happens.

What happens when you type "SEO training" in the search engine box

What happens when you type “SEO training” in the search engine box


The ones highlighted in yellow are the ads, the ones in red are the websites. All these correspond to what you are looking for. If you look at the end of the page, you will find that there are more pages that have websites corresponding to “SEO training”. SEO training is a keyword. Now, think why only these websites (in red) are at the top. The answer: the websites are optimized for the above keywords.

This is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you increase the visibility and the traffic on your website.  The user never tries to go to the next page. So, nobody would ever want to be listed on the second page. But not all could come on the first page. So, search engine optimization gains importance.

More about Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a technique or should we say a trick that gets the ball rolling in your court. We are optimizing for the search engines. These search engines are not humans. Right! Search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing all are text driven. Though the technology is advanced, but still the search engines rely heavily on the text to get an idea what the site is all about.

How search engines work?


How search engines work?

How search engines work?

Crawling, indexing, processing, checking for relevancy, and retrieving – these are the several activities that a search engine has to perform. Crawling is done by a crawler, spider or Google bot, they follow one page after the another and index everything that comes their way. (We are fast approaching 1 billion websites, a milestone which at this rate will be reached by the end of 2014. There was one website in 1991 that grew to over 700 million in 2013 – http://www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites/). The crawler or spider cannot crawl all the pages of all these websites in one single day, so do not panic if you see the crawler has not visited your website for a week, month or even two months.

After crawling, the next is indexing the content on the website. To put in simple words, indexing is identifying such words in the content that best describe that page. Many of you might question now, when search engines are not humans how do they will find what is best and what is not. The answer is that search engine crawlers are smart enough to process huge amounts of information. They might not understand the meaning of the page, but if you optimize it (Yes, there is where the SEO role comes in) for a certain set of keywords, they will classify those set of pages accordingly and for you – enjoy higher rankings!

Now, whenever a user searches for something and puts in a search request, the search engine will process it. It will then match it with the indexed pages that are there in the database. Now, there would be many people who have used the same string of words. Now what will the search engine do is start checking the relevancy of each page corresponding to the search request. The more relevant, the upper position it enjoys in the search engine result pages.

What are SEO benefits?


what are the Benefits of SEO?

what are the Benefits of SEO?

You might have understood until now what role (a very important!) does SEO plays. But, again to summarize here are the points.

  1. Increased traffic – Well, we have discussed about how a lot in the above section.
  2. Increased credibility – When your website is coming on the top in the search engines, automatically you and your website will gain credibility.
  3. Cost effective – In a way that you target that group who are looking for your kind of product or services.
  4. Brand Awareness – When you are ranking at the top position in the search engine result pages (SERP) that automatically translates to you exposing to the world.
  5. ROI – Return on investments – Needless to say, effective SEO will guarantee more traffic, higher rankings and more conversion. Eventually, this means higher ROI.

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