WEBSITE DESIGN TRENDS of 2014 – find what will rule this year

We are going to talk about the website design trends of 2014 and not fads. Fads come and go, but trends stay for at least 2 to 3 years.  Moreover, we are not going too much into the technology aspect of designing. This post will focus on simple and basic but really “not to miss” aspects of website designing. So lets’ roll the dice and see what the current website trends are?

Website Design Trends of 2014:

Website Design Trends of 2014

Website Design Trends of 2014

1.Thumbs up to FLAT UI: First it was the windows, then Apple said good bye to Skeuomorphism to embrace the “flat design”. We all know that once Apple tries out anything, it becomes a trend. So, Flat UI will be one of the latest website design trends this year 2014. Moreover, it creates a powerful impact and is really engaging.

2.Large hero areas: Let us first try to understand what actually hero area is. It is the first area or the intro area at the top of the website. Until now the recent trend was having 3-4 slides that talked about the product, service, and offers. However, today the companies prefer to have a very creative image or text written beautifully creating that everlasting impact on the viewer.

3.More focus on mobile design: While responsive design is becoming common, with many companies opting for a responsive design, 2014 will see focus on mobile design. Designers and developers are working on sites compatible with mobile devices. They understand that more and more people are surfing the internet from mobile phones and other devices.

4.Long scrolling sites/one page website design: Someone may say that this is not a new trend; earlier too, their used to be long scrolling sites. However, all such websites were slammed with big content that was not organized. Here it is the opposite; the content is organized and the layout design does not make the viewer realize that how far they are actually scrolling. Long scrolling sites are recommended when you want to tell a story like what you do and who are you. People looking at your website get a snapshot of your entire business. Avoid this design if your site is content rich and if you are aiming to increase the SEO activities.

5.Short and simple content: This is really an important point that every content writer and marketer should pay attention to. Nobody has the time and nor the patience to read a lengthy piece of article. Even for the designers, the content on the web pages should appear as short bursts.

6.Mix and match typography: Shift focus from Serif, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Georgia and the font size 12; 2014 is the time where typography will take a center stage. The mix and match typography creates a visual interest even without images.

7.Interactive Infographics: Infographic is an eclectic way to present information through graphics and images. They are more interactive and catch attention immediately. Creatives play with the numbers and facts and try to build a story around it and thus catch the attention. It is also an effective way to communicate a large chunk of information; it will be even more popular in the year 2014.

For the designers, year 2014 holds challenges as well as an opportunity to experiment and show their creative side and cook up something new.


Neha Kaushal

Neha Kaushal is a content writer at Way2Webscape with a work experience of 4 years in content writing, content management, content marketing and strategy. Connect with Neha on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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