Mobile Responsive Landing Page

The term is quite in a vogue these days. Actually since the entire nation is literally getting shifted to virtual world, the businesses have no other options but to catch them there. Using desktop and laptop for internet usage sounds primitive now. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and internet surfing through smartphone has increased manifold. To catch the prospective clients in smartphone, businesses are increasingly moving to responsive websites that are allowing the customers to have same website experience as that of in a desktop or laptop.

Mobile Marketing

Therefore, as responsive websites are ruling the roost, the next important thing is Mobile Responsive Landing Page. Yes, the landing page of a website should be responsive and mobile-friendly such that the customer doesn’t loose out on any information because of the small screen. There are certain rules which can help you in attracting more customers and maximize your lead generation thereby maximizing the benefits of your responsive website. Check out the tips here:

  • Since the area of display is small, make sure that the headline is small enough. Ideally it should not be more than 5 words, however it should tell the matter in a zist.
  • While organizing your mobile landing page, think from the perspective of a customer. No one likes to search and scroll the entire page to and fro, up and down to for action button. So whatever your customers are required to do to get more info or purchase your product or service it should be arranged in such a way that it is instantly and clearly visible.
  • Design your CTA buttons in a such a way that they are strong, clear and can be seen immediately. You can design it in a creative way so as make it an identity of yours.
  • Use clickable phone numbers i.e. your customers, if they want to call you, can do so just by clicking the phone number. The phone number when clicked should directly go to the dialer of the mobile. No one has time to note it down, and then go to dialer, and then make a call. Make it easier from your end.


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