Do these 3 things to build your E-mail marketing list

In our previous blog post, 3 must to do tips for higher e-mail open rates, we told you how to design your e-mail so that it is not spam and you enjoy a higher e-mail open rate. However, in the past week we saw many queries on social platforms asking how to build an e-mail list.

One big reason for such a query is the mass e-mail service providers like mailchimp, benchmark and others today ask about the source of your e-mail list. If the source is not trustworthy, they refuse to give the services as they fear that if the list has content that is spam or does not fit in the anti-spam law, there could be serious consequences. So, we come to the big question?

How to build an E-mail list?

Do we need to tell you what E-mail marketing can do for you? Yes! Okay, E-mail marketing can help you reach your customers in a short span of time. But to do so, you should first have an e-mail list. Yes, you would find many companies or people selling e-mail list for a few dollars or so. But, you cannot and should not trust them. They will deliver only quantity and no quality. We will not discuss it further and come to the main point, how to start building up an e-mail list.

Sign Up forms

Which according to you are the most important pages in your website? Needless to say, homepage, about us, blog or services page if you have. All visitors are not same and they also do not come to your website from the same source. While some would be interested in knowing about you and your company (About Us), some other would only come to gain some knowledge from the blog section. So, don’t you think that sign up forms should be there on all the prominent places? Here is a list of some of the favorable spots:

  • Sidebar – Instead of adding some widgets in the sidebar, it is better that you have a sign –up form. Place the form on the top of the sidebar to increase its visibility to the visitor and hence more chances of sign-up.
  • Footer – Kudos! Your content was so engaging that a casual visitor read the whole piece. So it is time now to convert him into a potential customer. Ask him to sign up or subscribe.
  • About Page – Some people would always like to look for the company’s credentials. So, they will navigate to the about us page. So, you have to ensure two things, the content should be engaging and then there should be a sign-up form.

This is no doubt a slow, but a steady way to build an e-mail list. Keep on creating content, carry on with SEO techniques. The results as said will not come overnight, but you will build fans and supporters through word of mouth publicity.

Try to include the number of sign-ups you have managed till date. It is not boasting but a validation for the visitors that they are making a wise and safe decision by subscribing or signing up with you.

See how wpbeginner encourages sign up

How wpbeginner attract new sign up

How wpbeginner attract new sign up

Call-to-Action Buttons

As we discussed about the placement of sign-up forms, equally important is the call to action button. It is important that while constructing the message, try to be transparent. Tell the person what he is getting and what they are signing up for.

Another thing that you could try is to offer them something valuable in return of their e-mail. It could be a free eBook or passes for a webinar.

Call to action used by way2webscape

Call to action used by way2webscape


Short Focused Bursts to get e-mail address list

This has been a very popular and reliable way of building an e-mail list. The tactics include: running contests, webinars, online games. They are short lived say for 1 or 2 months, but the response is immense if designed and executed properly. You could do it solely on your own or tie up with someone big in your niche.

The time you select for these short bursts depend on the nature of business you have. If you are into winter wears, you could run the short burst activities during the off peak seasons like the spring and summer.

A Big Splash when you launch

Whenever you are about to launch a new product or service, unfailingly you promote it. However, your promotion strategy is different for every media, even the timings are different. Try the big splash marketing model. It says make your presence felt in different places at once.

Guest posting, affiliates, interviews, social media; all should be done at once to create the buzz. We know that this is not easy and requires a lot of planning, but count the perks. You will drive traffic and get a good e-mail list.

Anticipated Outcome

The process of building an e-mail address list is tedious and requires a lot of patience and efforts. You would even come across stances when people would unsubscribe, but it is okay. They were never interested in your content, product or service.  You should be happy that you have built a loyal base that will remain with you for a long time. Nurture them and work for them.

Share your experience or the challenges you faced when you used e-mail marketing as a part of communication with your target audience.



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