3 mostly ignored but important parameters to check before finalizing workplace

Before going forward, let me say that this article is for those who are mostly in their mid-careers and are changing jobs only for the career advancement, otherwise they are pretty comfortable in their present work space. If you happen to be a starter or is in your initial phase of career, its better to not follow these tips strictly.


Well, now that the disclaimer is given, let us proceed. Many a time, I see that people join new jobs but after few days wish to or actually go back to their old office though the salary in the new employment was quite high. Though there can be several reasons behind it, many times its just because of some of the petty uncomforts that could have been easily avoided if you were a little attentive towards some other factors apart from the salary before taking the plunge. So lets check them out:

1. Read the existing employees- Most of the time when you go in for an interview, you are made to wait for long minutes before calling in and this makes you lose your temper, isn’t it? Well, relax and utilize the time. This is the time when you can read the existing employees. If the work area is visible, make sure to check out the expression of the employees working. If not, be attentive, some people will go in and out talking over the phone about the office and often talk with the receptionists as well. Are they sounding or looking relaxed and happy or are frustrated? Well, what is the rough percentage of happy and frustrated people you came across? Is that person bitching about the company over the phone, what’s the issue? Well, I know eavesdropping is a mal-practice but then this is the place where you are gonna spend 9-10 if not more hours of your day and you must be aware of the atmosphere. This small chit-chats, conversations and expressions are strong vehicle to communicate the oppressions, if any, that they are going through.

2. Place an out-of-the-box request to the HR- Well, don’t try this trick if you are desperate to get the job. If not, carry on, this is the most effective way to make decision about a workplace. Place an unsual and specially convenient request towards the end of the interview. Say like, can I work from home for 3 days a week? Can I manipulate my work-timing say I come late and leave late? Think wild and come up with good questions fitting your job profile. It is not important that the request is granted, the important thing is check out how the HR is reacting and treating your request. Are they really paying attention to the request and trying to make accommodation to the best of their ability? If denying, are they polite and citing reasons or just dismissing it saying ‘it is against company policy’? The way they treat the question reflects what is the kind of HR cooperation your are gonna face in the company and also how much convenience you can make out from the company.

3. Check out the washroom- This may be sounding gross but believe me its important. If the food in canteen is bad, you can carry from home. If the water is not clear, you can carry or buy. But nothing can be done if the washroom is unkept and filthy. Again, this the place where you are gonna spend maximum hours of your day awake and it doesn’t make sense to go back home with UTI and other miserable diseases. Check out beforehand. If fact you will not believe, this the first thing I take note of before making any decision for a company.

Wish you all the luck for your new venture!



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